What is Prep Kings?

Prep Kings is a health-focused meal service, providing freshly prepared meals for order on a weekly basis. Launched in 2017 by Bob Fox, a Des Moines native and Certified Personal Trainer, Prep Kings cooks all meals locally. 

How does the menu work?

A small, rotating menu is released each week.  Including, breakfast, lunch, Keto & Vegetarian options and a lighter side of wraps and salads.

How do I order?

Orders may be placed directly through our website, by choosing Order Now.  Select the meal options you would like, indicate regular or large and how many of each.  You may then checkout through your Cart. All payments are collected prior to the preparation of meals. 

How do I get my meals?

Prep Kings partners with several local gyms all-over the Des Moines area. We are currently offering meal pick-up at:

All meals are available for pickup after 5 p.m., unless otherwise stated. See gym details for closing times.**

**In ordinance with food safety rules, all orders must be picked up on the same day they are prepared. Any meals left at the end of the night on Monday will be discarded without refund.

Does Prep Kings create customized meals based on preferences or dietary restrictions?

No. Currently, all meals are prepared as described on the menu. As Prep Kings continues to grow, we may be able to offer customized meals in the future.

What about food allergies?

As with the question of customization, currently all meals are prepared as described on the menu.

If you have a food allergy or food allergies, for your safety please contact us prior to ordering and we will be happy to share more details of the ingredients used. Peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, eggs, etc. are regularly used in the preparation of our meals.